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    Annotated Multiple Choice Questions: Australian Medical Council

    The Australian Medical Council (AMC) has prepared this book to assist overseas-trained doctors who are preparing for the AMC Annotated Multiple Choice Questions examination. This book will be a valuable guide and self-assessment tool to assist in sitting for this exam. Annotated Multiple Choice Questions also illustrates the best-practice principles for a wide range of medical conditions found in the Australian community. All medical students will find this book an invaluable aid as an educational resource in preparation for their clinical assessments, as should postgraduate trainees preparing for higher degrees across the spectrum of general and specialist practice. The questions are representative of curricula of medical schools at universities across Australia.
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    AMC Handbook of Clinical Assessment (Black n White Copy)

    • Communication Skills
    • Counselling and Patient Education
    • Consulting and Procedural Skills
    • Clinical reasoning and Problem Solving
    • Examination and Investigational Skills
    • Planning Diagnostic and management Pathways
    • Ethics, Public Health, Community and Hospital Practice
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    Anthology of Medical Conditions (Guide of Clinical Practice) by AMC

    This Anthology of Medical Conditions and Presentations has been prepared for the Australian Medical Council by an expert multidisciplinary editorial committee and contributors, to assist problem-solving based on presenting clinical conditions. The book derives from the Medical Council of Canada’s Objectives for the Qualifying Examination; and has been fully adapted and illustrated to reflect clinical conditions and ethical, legal and organisational aspects of Australian clinical medicine.
    • Integrated multidisciplinary index of clinical conditions and presentations
    • Guidelines for clinical problem-solving
    • Legal ethical and organisational aspects of clinical medicine
    • An essential aid for the medical graduate
    • The one and only published edition
    • A proper guide with color images in it
    • More then 500 pages with paperback Book
    • Most recommended by the experts for Australian Medical Council exam
    The book thus overviews comprehensively but succinctly the spectrum of medical knowledge and skills required of the graduating Australian clinician; and is representative of curricula of medical schools and universities across Australia. It will serve as an essential reference source for all medical graduates.One of the best guide to contribute in Australian Medical Council Exam (AMC Exam). With AMC Qbank and AMC Handbook of multiple choice questions, it is also one of the best guide for clinical practice.Available at 99 Medical Books, We deal in all kind of Medical books, Exams Qbank, Audio/Video CD’s and DVD’s.
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    John Murtaghs General Practice 6th Edition

    John Murtaghs General Practice sixth edition has been thoroughly revised and updated with a new chapter dedicated to cardiovascular along with key updates to the Child and adolescent health and Male health chapters.

    John Murtagh’s General Practice is widely recognised as the gold standard reference and most influential publication for general practice and primary health care, both for doctors already established in practice and those starting out in their careers.

    Available at 99 Medical Books, We deal in all kind of Medical books, Exams Qbank, Audio/Video CD’s and DVD’s.
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    AMC Qbank (Australian Medical Council Exam QBank) 3 VolumesCATEGORIES:
    • Obstetrics and Gynecology
    • Psychiatry
    • Medicine
    • Pediatrics
    • Surgery
    • Medical Ethics & Public Health
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    Available at 99 Medical Books, We deal in all kind of Medical books, Exams Qbank, Audio/Video CD’s and DVD’s.